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Eshaan Dave

A 14 years-old male, Mr. Eshaan Dave from Ahmedabad started treatment with Dr. Reena Sharma for his complaint of ankylosing spondylitis. It started when he had gone on a vacation with family and fell down 2 times back to back. He was given pain killers initially and problem got solved.

After that again he fell down during a dance, that time it was considered severe and shown to doctors. It was identified that he was suffering from dull aching pain in his cervical region and lumbar region along with stiffness from the last 2 years and that was progressing day-by-day.

He is a student studying in 9th Std. Dr. Reena Sharma studied his case in detail and prescribed him injections. He started taking injections as instructed by the doctor. When he gave his feedback, his complaints were as it is. The pain and stiffness were present. As per his feedback, medicines and injections were prescribed to him again.

This is a very critical case and he needs monthly 2 injections. It varies every time he visits doctor. With AS he is also suffering from ulcers, seizures. He also has been operated for ulcers in the stomach. There are lots of test done like MRI, Endoscopy, CT scan and many more.