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Pranit Banthia

A pain unknown and undiagnosed is worst curse to mankind; not only for those who suffers from it but also for the family and the close ones.

Like many other boys at the age of 19, I too was interested in sports and played strenuous sports like Tennis. Suddenly one day I experienced severe pain in my right hip, but ignored it for a few days and then consulted a doctor who tried treating it with common pain killers. However; in a few days the pain aggravated reaching out to both the hips with movement issues. Still I ignored it further considering sports and bike riding to be a reason for this pain. The suffering continued further, which then was followed with a lot of X-rays and scans, without any sure shot diagnosis; & pain killers that were not at all effective.

Further; complicating the situatio n I started having fever quite often, when one of the doctors drew me to a conclusion that it was TB (Tuberculosis). I underwent a typical, complete tuberculosis treatment along with those painful TB injections, for around 14 months – but without any results though.

While I was seeking treatment from 4 other doctors, finally one of the doctors from Mumbai successfully identified the cause as Ankylosing Spondylitis. I found his diagnosis convincing, due to the entire drop back he shared about the symptoms, experiences, severity of pain and of course the further course of action. He recommended the medication that would alleviate the pain but highly recommended a sweeping change in the life style.

Changing one’s lifestyle is crucial to alleviating pain related to the disease. Give due importance to adequate changes to diet plan and stress relief to prevent the disease from spreading further to all the bones. Along with the medication and treatment for AS, I also opine that proper sustenance and support should be rendered to the afflicted people.

Ankylosing Spondylitis may force you to reflect on your emotional life and lifestyle, resulting in a major change in order to heal. You might also need to change your job, your friends, your house, your belief-systems and many of your perceptions about life. However, the change might heal you completely.

As a contingency measure, I spent decades of my life trying to find a natural cure for the malady. Researched about this health topic extensively and I am now ready and eager to create a support group for helping people to cope with the ailment. Having suffered from Ankylosing Spondylitis from many years now, extending help to people who are ailing from this disease with my own applied research has been one of the prime motives of my life.

Having noticed several side-effects from the treatment provided by many doctors, I foresee a comprehensive support group to be formed, wherein victims of the malady, doctors, alternative medicine experts, and can collaborate and provide solutions for the problem