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Our Mission

The mission of “Antardhwani” , is to connect people afflicted with Ankylosing Spondylitis, help them share their experiences and spread awareness within the AS community in Gujarat about managing AS.

  • Provide “information and education” about how to manage spondylitis.
  • Provide and coordinate “events, workshops, and seminars” ” on AS.
  • Provide a platform for AS patients to “exchange of ideas” and their experiences.
  • Coordinate and interact with local, interstate, and international AS and “peer support groups” ” including participation in their events and activities.
  • Preparing “database of Indian patients” to uncover the mysteries and solutions for AS.

Event Gallery

AS – Married Life, Latest Research by Dr. Jignesh Usdadiya, Dr. Romi Shah

Overcoming Anxiety and Depression by Dr. Iti Shukla (Psychologist), Dr. Avinash Jain (Rheumat)

Inflammatory Bowel in Spondyloarthritis by Dr. Nilay Mehta, Dr. Sapan Pandya

Eyes and AS – Impact, Causes and Treatment by Dr. Anupama Vyas, Dr. Anuj Shukla